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Experience you can count on

When you choose a company to do business with, you want to know they have the experience and knowledge to give you the best service and the right equipment. The machinists at F D B Rentals Inc. have more than 100 years of combined experience. Our experience, coupled with the pride we take in our work, means that we handle all the maintenance and repair work for our drill bits in-house, ensuring quality work is maintained with every bit we rent.

Get the most out of your drill bits

  • Oil wells

  • Natural gas wells

  • Disposal wells

  • Surface tri-cone bits

  • 3 7/8” – 36” drill bits

  • Bit breakers

  • Delivery available

We deliver and ship nationwide


Our team is on-call 24 hours a day, so you’ll always have access to the information and expertise you need, whenever you need it.

Rent a drill bit and get the bit breakers free!

Call to learn more about our rock bit rentals.

Most companies charge a flat rate fee, regardless of whether you use the bit or not. At F D B Rentals Inc., we believe that if you don’t use it, you shouldn’t have to pay for it. We’ll never charge you for unused bits.