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Count on quality drill bits

Drilling bits wear down after use, but you can count on the experts at F D B Rentals Inc. to bring them back to pristine condition. By handling all the restoration work ourselves, we can control the quality of the items you rent and keep costs down. Trust our dedicated machinists who have more than 100 years of combined experience. We’ll take care of all your bit re-tipping, cleaning, and repainting work.

Our bits are always in quality condition and ready for your drilling needs

  • Re-tipping

  • Cleaning

  • Painting

  • Ring gages and lift caps

  • Bit breaker fabrication

  • Ring gage fabrication

Get a free bit breaker with your drill bit rentals


Whether you’re drilling off the Gulf Coast or across the nation, F D B Rentals Inc. can supply your tri-cone drill bits.

All our fabrication and repair work is done in-house.

Call to learn more about oil field drilling bit repair.

While many companies ship their equipment to other facilities to have them repaired, all of our bit repair and fabrication work is done on-site.


If you own equipment you’d like to have restored, just let us know – it’s what we do.


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